Mitchell Studio Gallery

‘One Stop Shop’ for all of your artwork needs

  • Up to 300 original paintings in stock for Dealers, Collectors and interior decoration
  • Our painting stock is from the 19th, 20th and 21st Century, including living Artists
  • We can help you to Build an art collection or maintain your current art works
  • Cleaning, Conservation and Restoration of paintings or works on paper
  • Gallery Frames made to match your art works in our Classic frame studio
  • Damaged Painting or Mirror Frames restored and re-gilded

The Mitchell Studio Gallery can arrange Art works to be delivered to all parts of the United Kingdom plus a world wide import /export service.

Customs documents can be organized with a wrapping and packing service for shipment around the world. Customs IRP import relief in to the UK can be organized for the cleaning and restoration of paintings and frames.

Contact Robert or Darrell Mitchell for all sales and services.

Mitchell Studio Gallery

Phone: 01932 854376

Our prices are all subject to change without notice, the final price of all goods and services
will be confirmed by phone and e-mail at the time of transaction.